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The (Tino) Best of... with Kavit Shah

Name: Kavit Shah

Who (in your opinion) is the greatest cricketer of all time? And Why?

Sourav Ganguly - Just the personality and how he changed cricket for India to make them competitive overseas

What is your favourite moment in Cricket - this could be either watching it or playing it and could be at any level of the game, and why is it such a good moment for you?

I think the 2005 Ashes, just showed how great cricket and in particular Test cricket can be.

Who would be part of your "Cricket Dream 11" - this could be any players from any nation, from any standard of the game. I just need 11 names and why!

1. Gayle

2. Ganguly

3. Virat Kohil

4. Kallis



7 Freddie Flintoff

8. Ian Botham

9. Warne

10. Wasim Akram

11. Brett Lee

Let's look closer to home.. Who in your opinion is the best bowler you've seen play for FVCC - doesn't have to be a current player

Mark Harris or Jimmy are the best I've faced.

Let's cover the batter's now. Who is the best batsman you've seen play for FVCC - again this doesn't have to be a current player.

Best two I've batted with our Tim & Bobby.

Let's finish with a little bit of fun. Who from the international circuit (current or past) do you imagine you most closely resemble in terms of cricket style and why?

My anger like - Virat Kohli and sledging like Flintoff but playing style is unique

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