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Sachdev's Sensations Stun Rothley

Updated: May 5

Match Report for FVCC v Rothley

Team sheet looked distinctly 1st Team ish when we Batted first having lost the Toss and made sedentary progress against some disciplined bowling from the opposition. At 35 odd off 15 overs, it felt as though 'the goose is cooked ' however , upon the fall of a wicket, Bobby and Jimmy stitched together a crucial partnership full of positivity and strokeplay. Jimmy carried his bat for an excellent 50 contributing to the eventual score of 200 , helped massively with a tally of 64 extras.

Bowling waa excellent, particularly from Max, Matt and Bobby, leading to an eventual win by 84 runs, which would have been a bigger margin had we acquitted ourselves better in the field.

Big thanks to all for participating, particularly to Chobby , Jools and Lucy for all they did behind the scenes today. Much appreciated.


Sorry, missed our Daz who bowled an excellent spell too , and deserved more wickets than the eventual 4 he did get TBF. 👌

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