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What is being delivered?

1 hour session of Walking Cricket which has its own specific rules and uses equipment geared to both a safe and enjoyable session of Cricket. Walking Cricket is normally aimed at people who are looking to get involved in a sport

they used to play/enjoy, do socially ie meet new people or try for the first time. It does have health associated benefits that come with the activity, however it can be an alternative to other activities that often don't appeal to older men.

Why is it being delivered?

Cricket and teas go together, and Cricket is a key way of engaging older men, currently through either watching locally at County Cricket Clubs and/or local Urban/Village clubs. Also many clubs are looking at ways of how they continue to involve players once they ‘retire’ from competitive cricket, however they want a different role to being on the club committee.  A new activity can appeal to older men who have become lonely or isolated to get back involved in their local community, have fun and get a ‘tea’.

Who is involved?

Re-engage (National Charity), Community Men2Men Buddying (addressing loneliness and isolation in older men.

Who will benefit?

Older men (at risk of) loneliness/isolation.

No. of older men

6 per group

And best of's FREE!

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