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Fleckney F

Certain rights of passage befall any cricketer as they enter the game.

A first run

A first wicket

A first dodgy umpiring decision

A first cream tea

Today would have been the first time the Softballers have sat in a changing room staring at an empty field watching the rain trickle down the window, waiting for the inevitable moment that the two captains get together with the umpires, shake hands, curse the elements, and despatch their teams to their respective cars.

Unfortunately, all of this was avoided by a simple text message at 7.21 am from the Geddington skipper, I'm not privy to the exact wording, but the phrase "Wetter than an Otter's pocket" might have been used.

We thank our courteous hosts for being organised and pre-emptive and curse whoever left the taps on upstairs.

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