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Eg-ed On In Mowbray Away Day

Updated: May 6

Egerton Park Cricket Club is a lovely spot. In the middle of a park near the centre of beautiful Melton Mowbray, a town famous for its market and pies (not of the Cricketing variety).

As you enter the park surrounded by the local river you go down a long drive and find what seems like a bungalow with a large conservatory on the front, two changing rooms either end and a bar at the back. There are worse places to be on a Sunday afternoon.

The one thing Egerton Park Cricket Club lacks though is a convenience shop for a senior pro who needed refreshment. What he did find was the youngest member of the team who he despatched to the local petrol station. Quite why the team pup went with it and didn't tell the veteran to put his knee supports on fetch it himself who knows but the precedent is set and next weeks shopping list is apparently already being drawn up.

With retail hierarchy established the skipper won the toss and decided to bat. The sun was out on a lovely afternoon the wicket was good but the outfield was slow, really slow, and scoring would not be easy.

Michael Dunkley would carry his bat for the full 35 overs for 69 runs, Mandeep took the aerial route which was no surprise to seasoned watchers of the 'Psycho' but 142 was not likely to be a defendable target unless bowling was tight, catches held and and a May Day Miracle came to town. It didn't.

What did come to town was the air ambulance which landed nearby after tea and stayed long enough to amuse park goers , we hope the patient is now on the road to recovery.

What also came to the fore was twelve year old Isaac Fourie who was making his debut in adult cricket and looked to be a well organised and highly promising young batsman. Well drilled and composed he never looked like getting out, and he didn't. Congrats to him from all at Fleckney, we hope its a memory he will cherish forever. But....

Near to the end young Isaac turned to the fat keeper and (pointing at Ollie 'Mr Muscle' Timms) said,and I quote, " Is that your son?"

Young Ollie is a popular member of the team (who bowled beautifully by the way) but quite what he did deserve to the comment is beyond any of our imaginations. Also who young Isaac thought Mum could be to balance those genes we have no idea. It did provide some hilarity until the game ended.

Thank you to our hosts for a lovely afternoon and we hope the mooted rematch takes place soon. And our friends at Marton Village CC who we are slated to play next week we look forward to seeing you, well unless some other unfortunate genetic mutations are suggested in the meantime.

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