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Roving Reporter Double Header Part 2

F.V.C.C. V Marton Village

Another day, another battle. Veterans old and older pulled themselves back to the starting line for another afternoon in the heat and, of course, where there is cricket and cake the Roving Reporter will seek to be (if his wife will let him).

Now all old cricketers have their scars and battle wounds. Twinkle Loomes was particularly proud of one yellowing bruise on one of his pecs from a ball he ‘fielded’ last week. One misjudgement here and it looks like he will have a matching one on the other side. Not sure if he was seeking a sponsorship deal from Birds Custard or similar but if bird spotters came to Fleckney mistakenly looking for the blue tits yellow cousin they might get something of a surprise.

The game? Ah yes that was fun too and filled with plenty of incident. Ollie Timms took his first ever senior wicket and we couldn't be more proud. From someone who walked up wanting a go at training he has come a long long way and we all saw how much it meant to him. Well done buddy!

Also well done to young Alex Papadatos who bowled beautifully, took a wicket, took a painful whack on the ankle and threw himself around the field in fine fashion.

Nigel Hallchurch took a catch and with Marton 9 down we explained the Stuart Broad bails trick to young Alex just for a laugh. Not sure if Marton were laughing when it produced a wicket the very next ball. Maybe it's because Alex was wearing a Broad style sweatband, who knows?

The visiting total of 192 was on the large side but soon became apparent it was a lot too much. Mandeep clobbered a 4 first ball, dragged the second one along the floor then nicked one behind which the keeper palmed up inadvertently to First slip , 4 for 1 after 3 balls.

The second wicket fell in the second over , 15 for 3 , 32 for 4 and so it continued. Any seasoned Fleckney watcher will tell you that captain and vice captain at the crease before drinks is a sure fire sign that things were not going to plan.

The Captain went down swinging with a brisk 34 that delighted the bearded ones family. But Fleckney finished 100 all out.

Clearly the result was not ideal but the afternoon was good fun. We are obviously sorry though if , after reading this report, you suddenly can't face a bowl of Custard. That wasn't the intention but sometimes the comedy writes itself …..

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