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Roving Reporter Double Header Part 1

Usually Saturday afternoon's in the Roving Reporter household are simple affairs. A communal decision on which National Trust venue should be visited but no discussion on who should pay for the tea and cake. Such things are apparently written into the martial contract…somehow.

This Saturday was different, a league appointment against Barkby. Even as a Saturday irregular it was plain that the line up was not the standard one. A little like turning up to see Mumford and Sons and finding …well...your Mum. Try as you might you don't get the same tune out of a rolling pin as you do out of a headlining Folk/Rock band.

With the above in mind it was therefore somewhat ironic to find former Fleckney stalwart Kev Kisby lining up for our jovial visitors. We are sad to see him go but happy he made it down the stairs in one piece this time and through the game without damage to his Benidorm bound beer lifting arm. Go well from all of us Kev, we hope you find a corner of the Barkby bar to call your own.

Yak lost the toss and was perhaps somewhat surprisingly invited to bat. The pre innings target of 180 plus was only missed by 9. Thanks to the skipper who scored a fine unbeaten 66 with supporting cameos from all down the order. Nods to occasional Fleckney guest Mike Lilley for 10 tight overs of off spin and young Pritam who came on late and was turning the ball round corners.

At 31 for 3 the chances of a Fleckney victory were better than average. Nilesh bowled beautifully and Yak was tweaking it royally. However further success , like your Mum doing a passable rendition of ‘I will wait’, was tricky to find.

Hartwell battered a quickfire 56 not out and Ellie Moore (31) battered two enormous sixes that took the game away from Fleckney. Sadly it was not the only thing that was battered.

Some local yoofs had clearly taken on board too much happy juice and were clearly in need of a big white telephone to dial. A club member decided to that they perhaps shouldn't gain access to the facilities and stood in their way. You maybe surprised to hear this was not universally popular and said member took some unpleasant verbals. We won't name names but we know who that club member is and they have our absolute and unwavering support.

The match wound down and Barkby won by 4 wickets. However nicer opponents than them you couldn't wish to meet. We wish them nothing but the best for the rest of the season.

There is no second team game next week which is a shame giving how much fun this game was but that loss will doubtless be the National Trusts gain. In fact if you are at a loss with how to spend next weekend why not try it yourself, I won't pay for your tea and cake though.

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