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That man Holmes AGAIN!!!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

It was hotter than a Vindaloo's armpit. The kind of heat that makes the Captain who lost the toss head back to his troops head bowed knowing the reaction he is likely to get by inviting his team to field first and cook at approximately Gas Mark 6 in some prime Northants Real Estate.

The first problem was encountered early, Tom Robson hurting his back and retiring to the sidelines for the rest of the afternoon. Disappointing as that was the team understood the need for caution, they were less sure however why he appeared so happy and comfortable to wear some kind of corset to 'support his back'. Perhaps it is some kind of Swiss teaching thing that doesn't translate so well.

To say Old got a flyer would be an understatement. Opener Watson got his century and retired well before drinks. A short straight boundary, some lusty blows and indifferent catching left the more pessimistic visitors forecasting a score well past achievable and somewhere in the range of "You must be having a laugh mate". Thankfully the back up batting was somewhat less destructive but still able to reach 271 by tea.

The above may seem ungracious but should be seen as anything but, the philosophy of the home team very much matched Fleckney's as younger players were given opportunities to shine in a nuturing environment and they should be congratulated for it. Fleckney for their part used 11 bowlers, all 10 outfielders plus one they were given by the hosts.

Dear reader, the odds on Fleckney reaching their target were not backable and even less so with two early wickets going down. The guest going early playing all around a straight one and Bobby Upple being grabbed diving fashion at mid wicket. The metaphorical car was being revved in the car park.

At this point however the Duckhunters dug in. Chris (20) and Sam Hill (22) provided the basis for respectability but it was the licence payers favourite , Andy Holmes , who followed up his great knock last week with a better one this week of 79 not out. Aided by cameos down the order Fleckney finished on 177 for 8.

The Duckhunters are a positive bunch if nothing else and they swiftly decided that since Watson was clearly a cut above they would remove the century he scored from the books and claim victory by 2 wickets.

Result? Fleckney Duckhunters/ Ostrich Head In The Sand XI obviously. Well done boys, onto the next

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