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Great Glen beat Average Fleckney

Great Glen are our yardstick..

Just up the road, both teams are at a slightly higher level than ourselves and have a very good youth set up - exactly what we are striving for.

The evening was going to be tough so a good start was needed - win the toss and bat, win the toss and bat..

We lost the toss and bowled first with Jimmy Loomes and Jason Nicholson opening up - Jason getting their opener early doors. Sadly nothing was really happening with the seamers - Max Potter and Will Savory both put full effort in with little reward/luck. So Glen had a good start but FVCC have a number of twirles in their ranks and it was Yakesh Sachdev (3 wickets) and Scott Roberts (1 wicket) who put the brakes onto the Glen innings and kept them in-check - ultimately 122 from 15 overs was going to be tough in the fading light.

The stand-in skipper - James Sheath was playing the "Chilton" - not good enough to be selected at that level but played because he was captain - told the boys to swing and have some fun, and in the main there was a lot of swinging but sadly most of them landed in the hands of the grateful fielders - Yakesh got a nice 21 and the aforementioned skipper bludgeoned a quick 13 at the death, but FVCC came up short on 98

The bar was open so no one was too unhappy in the end.

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