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Fleckney Sunday XI V Peterborough CAMRA CC

Ah Cricket, the pursuit of half time cake with a vague sporting pretence. Absolutely delighted to announce that the cake and sarnies provided by mummy Scooter were first rate and not only did it provide much needed sustenance it was a further sign that COVID was being demoted down the batting order. Our opponents were amiable as always, returning friends playing our great game. Some more recognisable than others, not least opening batter Eden with his fantastic magnum PI style moustache and frizzy hair akin to the heady days of Starsky and Hutch. Please don't consider those remarks unkind, in troubled times familiarity is always welcome and our opponents were, again, wonderful sporting people. The visitors scored 233. The basis of which was a 75 ball century by Bradbury, a truly dynamic knock which deserved to win any game. On the Fleckney side the bowling probably deserved more but nods to Sam Hill and young debutant Jake Evans who bowled nervlessley. There was also the somewhat bizarre situation of the skipper having an LBW appeal upheld when he was literally the only one to shout. Now to be fair, and this is no criticism of our magnificent groundstaff, there was variable bounce. Sometimes a little, sometimes a fair bit and the occasional one bounced like a glamour model with insufficient wire support. Now how much this contributed to the early Fleckney collapse is unclear but 60 for 6 was a shaky old beginning. Step forward then Max Potter, Jason Nicholson and the aforementioned Jake who scored 45, 43 and 17 respectively and dragged the team towards 171 for 9 at the close. It might have been more but the final 6 overs was filled with a time honoured Skipper and Vice Skipper blockathon to see out time. It was a wonderful feeling to be back. Old friends, familiar surroundings and cake. Did I mention cake? Man, I love the cake.....

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