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Duckhunters v Peterborough CAMRA

Some say he only played for the Duckhunters while his agent negotiates a contract to present Eurovision next year.

Others suggested he was here to research cricket in the Shires for a multi million mini series in the Autumn.

Maybe , just maybe though he was here to simply play cricket with his brother.

All we can be certain of is that Andy Holmes was back in Duckhunters garb for the first time in 2021.

Now you can dress it up anyway you like but in the final analysis even the best your licence fee could buy wasn't enough to prevent our Sunday best putting another 'L' in the results column.

Yakesh bowled his outswingers in a fine show of bowling but without the reward it deserved. Ben O'Reilly again did himself credit but 193 for 3 was a big score to chase , especially when you consider it was a long boundary up the hill and the outfield was longer than a super villans rap sheet.

At the break genuine optimism found an excuse to be elsewhere and didn't return.

Andy was the first to fall, caught smartly in the slips. A fine grab without a doubt but most unsunday like in its competence and execution. Soon the Duckhunters were 16 for 3 and the Golden Shield were doubtless wiping down the tables in anticipation of early custom.

We would be misleading you to say it was scintillating strokeplay, more obdurate defence and controlled edges but the Duckhunters did bat out their overs and closed on 77 for 9.

A sort of Dunkirk avoiding total disaster type of scenario which allowed a vestige of pride to be retained on a day when friendship and the game won more than any particular team and much much more than a 31 year old proudly sporting a Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles t-shirt (you know who you are).

Finally one last image to conjure with.

Club legend 'FunTime Frankie' Smith who loudly announced he had tried to work out his birth date in binary format. He had mustered the day and month but the year was too much to work out as yet.

Unfortunately the only visible thing containing 0's and 1's on this day was the home scorecard.

Sometimes the comedy writes itself

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