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Duckhunters v Bugbrooke


The scene in past seasons of the most gruesome incident since Dirk Diggler didn't take care zipping up his trousers.

For anyone there that afternoon the sickening crunch of ball on Frankie's cheek bone will long scar the memory but our redoubtable stalwart wouldn't let a bit of dripping claret put him off a return to the scene of the crime and the heroes welcome he received.

Bugbrooke got off to a flier.

It's a beautiful ground but small, and the artificial wicket offers those proficient in back foot play plenty of opportunity to go aerial. So much so in fact that we were losing balls more often than a team of trainee Eunachs.

After 10 overs Bugbrooke were on 80 and the grand total was likely to be bigger than the Countdown computer could deal with. However when Pemberthy fell for an explosive 85 the rate fell from supersonic to simply brisk.

The end total of 278 for 5 a relative act of mercy. Three wickets from the Captain and tight spell from Arjun the pick of the bowlers who would probably request danger money for a return fixture in 2022.

Chris Hill fell early and Frank, ever the club man, took himself off a journey to knock the door of a near by house to see if one of the missing missiles could be retrieved. He came back empty handed as , sadly, did Mike Dunkley who snicked off for a low score.

At this point the innings fell into something of a lull. However there is always something going on and Mike Hextall and family arrived on the boundary edge on a return journey from a weekend away and promptly set up a camping stove for Baked Beans ala Bugbrooke. We are awaiting the Bear Grylls review.

This is the space reserved for the incredible late swashbuckling comeback that took the Duckhunters to an unprecedented victory. Unfortunately that particular script will have to be kept on the top shelf of the ripping yarns cupboard for another millennium as the reply limped to 111 for 8 at the close. If it is ever possible to lose a Sunday game by an innings this was probably how it is done.

So farewell for another year Bugbrooke. We leave this time with all bones in tact if not quite sporting pride this time.

Next fixture is a trip to the Langtons where Stoneygate await, we dread to think what story the spread betting would tell us on the evidence of this.

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