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Deja Vu

It's nice when history repeats itself really.

In the league FVCC 1s faced University of Leicester Staff 2 and restricted them to less than 100 runs and convincing won the game - the same happened on Saturday, but with the added tension that this was the Semi Final.

Bowling first, FVCC kept things tight - everyone went for less than 3 per over, with Jimmy Loomes being the most thrifty with 8-4-8-3, Bobby Upple also picking up 3 sticks as the 'Staff were bowled out for 74 in the best part of 40 overs. Everyone appeared to contribute in the field as well as both the Brown's getting 2 fielding dismissals - Dave 2 stumpings, and Archie 2 catches. Even the skipper hung onto a couple - you know it's your day when that happens..

Set a low total and in a pressure situation it's easy to baulk and Fleckney have been known to collapse and with Chilton (0) going early there were some danger signs but Sam Payne and Archie Brown put on a good 30 to get us halfway there, Payne went for 33 and was briefly joined by Samit Kanji (3) until Terry Compton joined Archie to see us how after only 19 overs and by 7 wickets.

Next week could be a monumental week..

Sam Kanji is on 994 runs and Mark Harris on 92 wickets so both could eek dangerously close to a milestone or two..

Oh and it's also the first final that FVCC have played in for "quite some time"

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