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The (Tino) Best Of.... with Will Jennings

Who (in your opinion) is the greatest cricketer of all time? And Why?

Don Bradman. Demonstrably twice as good as anyone who ever played . Nearly averaged 100, the best of the rest half that.

What is your favourite moment in Cricket - this could be either watching it or playing it and could be at any level of the game, and why is it such a good moment for you?

I recall Botham in full flight in 1981. That piece of commentary from Richie Benaud," Don't go looking for that, let alone chase it. It's gone into the confectionary stand.... and out again". Calm irony as headline making bedlam was being hammered out. Beautiful moment

Who would be part of your "Cricket Dream 11" - this could be any players from any nation, from any standard of the game. I just need 11 names and why!

  1. Gordon Greenidge , deadly even on one leg

  2. Sir Alistair Cook, at his best you relied on erosion to shift him

  3. Brian Lara, swirly batted run machine

  4. David Gower, grace and elegance and a childhood hero

  5. Sachin Tendulkar, class pure and simple

  6. Ian Botham, without him there could be no Ben Stokes.

  7. Adam Gilchrist, top player, destructive batsman and great sportsman

  8. Shane Warne, maybe even spun it more than Scotty Roberts. Maybe

  9. Malcolm Marshall. Short, fast , but extremely deadly and incredibly skilfull. Gone way too soon

  10. Curtley Ambrose, far too tall, far too consistent, far too good

  11. Jimmy Anderson. Swing bowling metronome, just beat Glenn McGrath to the grumpy beggar 11 spot

Let's look closer to home.. Who in your opinion is the best bowler you've seen play for FVCC - doesn't have to be a current player

Frankie Smith. Leading wicket taker in the club (possibly the Universe over the years), and probably the most recognisable player from our club on the circuit. Whisper it, he might be a touch past his prime, but keep looking in that scorebook.

Let's cover the batter's now. Who is the best batsman you've seen play for FVCC - again this doesn't have to be a current player.

Best batsman is tricky but I will say , and without any irony or humour intended, I was delighted to be there when Adam Chilton got his first ton.

Let's finish with a little bit of fun. Who from the international circuit (current or past) do you imagine you most closely resemble in terms of cricket style and why?

Bats like Devon Malcolm, fields like Phil Tufnell, bowls like .... There is no comparison.. genuinely

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