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The Duck Hunters Swan Song

The last match of the season is pretty much like the last trip up to the wedding buffet. You know that the best stuff is gone but you can't resist that last trip just to see if a tasty morsel can be found amongst the half stale sandwiches and unwanted cucumber sticks.

A cold morning gave way to an almost pleasant afternoon which started in 'dream scenario' mode. 'Little' Willy Savory got the first wicket when utilising his left boot and running out the opener. It was to be the first of 2 run outs as the visitors were playing their cricket in cavalier mode.

Usually an opponent will dig in somewhere but not on this occasion as the 10 men of Peterborough could only summon 75 runs. Every bowler did the team proud, Mike Hextall took another in his recent series of swirly long off catches and when Frank drew the approximately 25,000th indiscretion of his long bowling career and the V.C .whipped off the bails victory seemed assured...but then again this is Fleckney.

An opening partnership of 49 was ended when Dunkers 'walked' having gloved left arm Spinner Evans behind and then the tremor started, a tremor that threatened to become a match losing earthquake.

Now lets get it right, Evans was probably the best bowler we faced all season. He was tall, skilled and turning the ball sharply and in the Duckhunters he found a lot of juicy potential victims. 49 without loss became 67 for 6 and the skipper was threatening immediate retirement should a repeat of last weeks disaster come to fruition.

At this point dear Duckhunter fans our reporter lost site of proceedings for a few moments and returned to see a catch being claimed and breath was collectively held. The umpire turned down the appeal and the moment of crisis had passed as the Duckhunters collapsed over the line and won by 4 wickets.

Alas that final piece of action brought a close to proceedings for 2020.

A season that at one point appeared destined never to start ended with happy memories and some new players who had swiftly become friends, all under the guidance of a rookie skipper who had learned quickly and moulded a team with wonderful togetherness.

In a year of international crisis perhaps the travails of 22 men in white clothing chasing red leather may not feature too highly for some but this roving reporter can testify if everyone found something in their lives that gives them as much pleasure of playing cricket for Fleckney does for him the world will be a much better place.

Stay safe, stay well and we will meet again in 2021.

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