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Superb Sid and the Harmonious Hills

FVCC 2s went into this one feeling confident.

They had after all already beaten Ashby Carington in the league so a rare positive attitude was in evidence for this away friendly.

We got off to a decent start with 32 runs on the board before the first wicket went down after Kev Kisby won the toss and decided to bat - Chris Jeffs chipping the ball straight up into the air for an all fours 16. Chris Hill soon went, but the skipper and Sid Pillalamarri on Saturday debut put on 63 in quick order - the skipper going for 21 but the debutant stuck around to complete a very nice debut, before falling in the early 60's. Useful lower order runs from Arjun Sudra, Brij Barot, James Sheath and Max Potter and an always useful contribution from "extra's" meant that FVCC posted a very nice looking 216/6 off their 40.

8 out of 10 times at this level, a score of over 200 wins you the match, sadly this one of the "other" times, as the Ashby Carington openers soon started swining and by drinks had wracked up 150 - one of the openers retired on 100, with the other getting a decent 50 and change. Yes one or two catches were put down, but none that were considered dollies - Chris Hill got an lbw before the end but Ashby got to the required total with 10 overs to spare.

Both of the Hill's bowled well - Sam Hill opening and bowling a tidy 5 overs for 15 or so, and Chris coming in during the middle overs and getting through his complete allocation without too much damage. On another day 216 wins you the game, this wasn't that day sadly.

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