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Make Fleckney Average Again

Fleckney 1st’s travelled to grey, cold and damp Dunton Bassett for the final group game of the league. The format this year was the top four teams (of six) in the group would go into the play offs, Fleckney were in 2nd position ahead of the game. The skipper, either hadn’t received the rules, didn’t read them or couldn’t be bothered to read them, he believed it was a must win game. Dunton Bassett won the toss and decided to bat.

To cut a long story short Dunton Bassett were bowled out for 52 and Fleckney knocked them off.

Darren Webber and Mark Harris were tremendous again, in their 16 over spell they only went for 15 runs and picked up three wickets, Darren with 7, yes SEVEN, maidens. Mark would have picked up another if the skipper hadn’t have dropped a “dolly”, in his defence it is difficult to keep concentration when a collective groan comes out of the team each time a ball heads in his direction. What these fine gentlemen at Fleckney didn’t realise is that the drop was purely tactical, the opening batsmen was of advanced years (coffin dodging) and the drop was purely to keep him in and slow the run rate down. Marky didn’t give the skipper too much grief, he even bought him a pint after the game (albeit it with an extra frothy, lumpy head).

Jimmy “I’m not having my bowling spell interrupted to get the fifth bowler to come on, bottom lip trembling” Loomes and Bobby Upple kept the pressure up picking up wickets. Bobby was a bit expensive going for 20 in his eight overs. Jason Nicholson and Sam Payne finished off innings, Jason picking up another three wickets.

Everyone was wondering how he’s picked up so many wickets in such a few overs this year, it has come to our attention that every time Jason picks up a wicket his wife makes him a pie.

The game was close to being abandoned with most of the others, but fair play to Dunton; they got the covers off and gave Fleckney a chance to get the runs before the downpour came. With very quick runs needed Sam Payne and the skipper gave it a smack, the pressure got to Sam when he was warned the skipper might outscore him, he holed out to mid-on from a full toss the next over. With the weather getting worse and the game in danger of being called off with only 20 odd runs needed, Terry Incompetent at No.3 thought it was a good idea to wait for the first wicket to fall before getting his pads on and was nearly timed out. The game was quickly finished off and it was off to the pub to dry off.

Special mention to Dave Brown who was superb behind the sticks, and Samit Kanji and Archie Brown for turning up and paying their subs.

Fleckney finished 1st in the group and are into the play offs.

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