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FVCC v Laughton & Mowsley

On a beautiful summer afternoon there can be few better places to play cricket than Laughton and Mowsley. Somewhat unusually there is no joke to follow here, just a statement of fact.

Captain Sir Scooter of Whispy beard led his troops onto the field hoping the idyllic settings would inspire something artistic, wonderful or maybe even victorious. Somewhat incredibly for the second week running the team delivered.

Archie Brown was getting some lovely away swing and Max Potter's usual whole hearted effort brought little reward other than seeing the vice captain behind the stumps leaping around portraying the notion of a flying elephant in the post Dumbo era on a pitch that was slow, low and sometimes lower.

Earlier protestations in the week from Frank that he never gets wickets at Laughton and Mowsley proved to be hogwash, the freshly de werewolved veteran took 4 as the home side made 150 all out. Nods too for debutant Yakesh who pulled off the ultimate party trick of a wicket with his debut club delivery and Sam Payne who bowled some very tidy off spin indeed.

The total proved to be a sunny Sunday stroll as Adam and Sam put on over 70 for the first wicket and Samit and Archie saw the team home in very competent and almost un Fleckney like manner.

Job done and Captain Scooter victorious .

Rudyard Kipling didnt write it this way but perhaps he should

If you can fill the sunny afternoon with a cricket game fairly won Yours is the the victory and everything that is with it, and what is more, its Kibworth next, my son.

Sunday Roving Reporter

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