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FVCC Sunday XI v Billesdon Cricket Club.

A lovely spot indeed, on a high place(somewhere between Frank's moonball and the almighty) and inhabited by a club of decent people and sickeningly talented young cricketers who play the game the right way. Last year we won in a close game and this time it went the other way, just!

Matters took an unusual turn at the start. The skippers walked out to toss but found themselves coinless so a credit card spin decided it. Fleckney called Chip and Pin but it landed security number side up so Billesdon batted.

A Mole grubber dismissed the opposition skipper and new boy Rhuman (more of him later) bowed beautifully with lovely in drift. Home batsmen Hallam came out swinging and just when the spare ball count hit critical level 'Twinkle' took an exorcet on the boundary which was swiftly followed by a one handed caught and bowled grab by the newly de-mulleted Mike Dunkley. Indeed Mike who had gone for 21 off his first over came back to take 3 wickets and Billesdon were 86 for 6 at drinks.

In a league game you would be expected to go for the throat at this point but this was a Sunday friendly and we are Fleckney. With two Juniors (albeit obviously talented) at the wicket and the scoreboard a little lopsided it was time to take the pace off the ball and let loose the Werewolf of Whitwick, Fun Time Frankie Smith at one end and Nigel 'Eric Clapton wannabe' Hallchurch at the other.

To be fair the plan was working beautifully. The young lads got a bat, the scoring dried up and everyone who wanted a bowl got one, even (and its not something that should be said before the watershed) Andy Holmes. With three overs to go Billesdon were 134 for 8.

Are you sensing a 'but then...'? Yes, well you should be. Home batter Ford had come to the wicket, lovely bloke but certainly no junior, and he teed off in a manner that Tiger Woods could recognise. Yes Billesdon is a small ground but some of those sixes he hit would have registered at any ground anywhere. Two fielders at long off and long on had no chance without either a border wall or Patriot style missiles. The last ball went for a six that we hear is still travelling, it also brought up Ford's 50 and the home side to 187.

With a solid start the chase was on, however no sooner had the Whatsapp group received a 31 for nought off 7 update and the words ,"Great Start" been received back by the usual skipper at the football then it was 36 for 2 as Andy and Furbs were back in the hutch.

The England style middle order wobbles continued and at 84 for 6 a whupping was the cards. Whupping? No-one told the new boys.

Rhuman (27) joined his mate and fellow debutant Azmeer (66)at the crease. Both had bowled really well and they then showed they could score runs too. Respectability turned into a sniff of victory. Sadly , and this is no reflection of their sensational efforts, they both fell in quick succession leaving Frank and Will to try and chase down the win which fell 10 runs short as the clock ran out.

Two evenly matched teams had delivered another close game and it was nothing but a pleasure for (we hope) all concerned. Onto the next.

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