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Fleckney Sunday XI V Marton Village CC

And he said if I didn't drink lots of milk when I grow up I'm going to be good enough to play for Marton Village

Marton Village? Who are they?


Well, as it turns out Marton Village are an affable bunch of blokes who came to Fleckney on a drab Sunday afternoon and just about did enough to grab the win.

Maybe the skipper got out of bed on the right side, perhaps he had a premonition to put a £5 on Jamie Vardy bagging a couple at Watford later on, but he scanned the team sheet and made the fateful decision to bat first proclaiming that was going to be the stronger suit on this particular afternoon. It was a rare vote of confidence in the men at the top of the order but, on this occasion, on the same level as the Titanic Captain stating, "Let's go for it, it's only a little iceberg"

It would be churlish to go through each individual dismissal but safe to say 128 off 35 overs was not the sort of score the skipper had in mind. Chris Turner was the pick of the batting with some crunching boundaries that came out of something we think is called the middle of the bat, not really something in the Fleckney lexicon. Having said that Furbs did hit one right out of the screws, but straight to a fielder who had the bad form to catch it. Nod also to Nigel Hallchurch who put a recent bad run behind him to score 7 not out.

In reply Marton got off to a shaky start, and by shaky we urge you to think of Mr Muscle trying to bench press an elephant. The visitors were four down with barely double digits on the board (well bowled Messers Sachdev and Sheath). It was the proverbial dream start, you know that moment in the dream when you realise you have the sixth lottery number or the telephone number of that special someone. However, what happens with dreams? You wake up!

One opener scored a finely crafty 50 and it took an absolute ripper from the skipper to get rid of him, one that drifted in and held its line to take the top of off. When he departed however a left handed colleague took his place with a fine eye, fearsome sweep shot and a will to steal the Fleckney candyfloss. Three wickets the final winning margin.

We could leave the story there but there are two final mentions we wish to make. Young Jake Evans is swiftly becoming a Sunday favourite with this promising batting, confident bowling and his fearless attitude. We hope he plays many more games for us.

Finally despite a whole hearted effort in the field there was one who stood out head and shoulders above the rest. Young Ben Hextall who seemed mad keen to chase down every ball that was on the park. Unfortunately Ben is also a dog and had to be retrieved from the square when the cherry became too much of a temptation. Wuff justice if you ask me (sorry about that one).

That win is coming. Watch out Great Glen, it could be you!

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