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Fleckney Flashers v Stoughton and Thurnby

Dad, what are the Olympics?

An example of elite sport, son!

What about good but not quite absolute top drawer?

Well, that's like watching Leicester City, son.

Well, what about playing for the love of it but not really likely to bother the medal podium?

Ah, in that case you are that rare beast known as a Fleckney Flasher. And, if you were lucky you could have seen them tonight at the estadio d'wadkins.

The bowling was opened by Max Potter but could easily have been by Hens Teeth or Rocking horse do doo's due to the rareity that happened second ball. A fully pitched delivery, a thin snick behind and a grab behind the poles by the club sec who normally would only pouch pastry products with such alacrity.

It was a good start.

Sadly the conditions were murky, the sun had given way to persistent drizzle and the ball was as slippy as a greasy piglet with factor 50 on. This didn't deter club debutant Nic who displayed an unflasher like control of the ball and the scorebook won't show just how well he bowled.

Chasing 134 to win in pretty serious gloom was always going to be tricky but at least it was done to the backdrop of live music.

Apparently Thursday night is band practice night in S&T and if you didn't hear their rendition of 'Twist and Shout' the first four times you just weren't paying attention. To be fair the other part of their repertoire sounded pretty decent though.

Nic's bowling was straight and pretty sharp , pretty much like his right index finger when umpiring.

The glare Mike Hextall gave him after his duck enducing decision might have been measured in epochs rather than minutes but we shouldn't let that piece of comedy detract from a Dunkley 49 and other cameos that took the Flashers to within 6 runs.

If you can spend time playing a game, laugh during it and share a pizza and a beer afterwards you have had a good night and thanks to our generous hosts that is precisely what we got.

So Dad, when will the Flashers actually win one? One step at a time son, one step at a time.

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