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Flashers v Travellers - take two

Things can come crashing down in Cricket.. normally this is a batting line up under any sort of pressure, regardless of the ability of the bowling line up – one brings two as the cliché goes.

You don’t expect a bench to come crashing down, but this is exactly what happened when two of the players decided to sit on it, to much hilarity I might add.. We are not even talking about 2 of the more rotund cricketers at the club, these two un-named gentlemen are more on the svelte side of things, but it came crashing down no less.

This wasn’t even the funniest moment, that was saved for the cricket field where Chris Hill pushed the ball straight to the short cover fielder – for further context, he was standing on the astro and we were playing on pitch one - and set off for a somewhat suicidal single, which he managed to turn into a solo two runs as several fielders missed the stumps and the opportunity to run him out – his batting partner simply turned his back, unable to watch..

We batted first, with Archie Brown retiring on 40 and contributions from Chris Hill (15), Matt Mac (19*) and Ben Brown 11 giving us 108/5 off our 16 overs – the length of the grass in the outfield causing more than 1 certain boundary turned into a well ran single or two.

It was probably never going to be enough.

Chandra bludgeoned a quick 40 with several very big hits and was ably supported by N McMahon (31) and Sandip (23*) to ensure that the Travellers reached their target in the 15th over – Scott Roberts did his usual thing – 3 quick wickets in the 12 balls he bowled, Matt Mac had no luck with several massively spinning deliveries outfoxing the batter, the stumps, the keeper and the slips.

A nice evening, we just came up short.

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