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Cold and Rusty

The 1s returned to cricketting action against Houghton and Thurnby and it was bloody cold. The roving reporter has sufficiently thawed out enough to provide some comments on the performance. His pen is rusty as well.

We lost the toss and batted first.

Sid was solid, bit rusty but found the middle after a while.

The skipper got a superbly crafted 11 and graciously gave way to let others have a bat.

We had a collapse.

Sam Hill and Yakesh Sachdev stuck about a bit.

The oppo let us finish the full 30 overs and let people bat again.

An un-named player got a second duck - bad luck Arj...

All bowlers got hit about. Oppo got the runs easy and we carried on and bowled out full 30 overs which allowed Terry to pick up a couple of wickets.

Lovely ground and the opposition were lovely too.

Fair to say we were all a bit rusty 👍

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