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Chilton Charms Crowd

Fleckney VIllage Cricket Club V Stoneygate Cricket Club

This could have been the day that the Scooter took charge of his first game, however due to an unforeseen fixture clash he was in the South West on holiday. This too was also to have been Frank Smith's first Sunday appearance of the season but instead a white werewolf took his place, perhaps razors didn't make it as far as his house during lockdown.

With Sunday victories being something of a rarity you would perhaps think it would be easy to break into new territory but our roving reporter is still in something of a state of shock. A seven wicket win with 15 overs to spare would usually be considered an illusion or , perhaps, something that required an immediate medical intervention.

Stoneygate won the toss and batted. A brisk start, perhaps surprising given the fact that the outfield was giving about as much away as a nuns virtue, was soon curtailed by the wiles of the Werewolf and Samit as the visitors subsided from 69 for 2 to 107 all out. All the bowlers on show had at least 4 overs and Will Savory only went for 2 runs off his spell, we just wished he had mentioned it....

The reply had a brief wobble when Andy 'The Claw' "Mole" Loomes went early but a steady partnership between Adam Chilton and Chris Walsh (the latter increasing using his backside rather than the bat to block the ball) to the brink of victory. The further late loss of Adam did nothing to take the shine of a fine victory played in a fantastic jovial spirit by both sides.

It would be a brave man to suggest this level of success will be maintained for the rest of this shortened season but that didn't matter, it was just great to be back!

Sunday (Socially Distanced) Reporter

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