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At a loose end!

In a week where the wind of change has blown through the country we have to report something of historical significance ourselves.

Now it is not unprecedented for the Sunday team not to have a game, either by blank weekend or weather , but by association this means that Sunday Supremo Scotty 'Love Doctor Dodgy Beard' Roberts will also have to fill a summers weekend by not playing cricket.

For those who perhaps play once a week it isn't such a shift but if the skipper spent any more time at the Ian Wallace cricket ground between April and September we suspect the Parish Council would charge him ground rent.

Therefore if you are passing Scooter HQ and see him head into the garden around 12:30 pm with a coin in hand you know he is struggling to shake the habit. Likewise if you see him standing in his front room 'wind milling' his arms in the front room around 1:45 he is either looking to energetically change the channel or he has lapsed into his usual Sunday routine.

Spare a thought for the nearest and dearest who live with him and those who, presumably, behave to bring his cheese sarnies on demand to maintain the peace around 4:30. Maybe if someone yells 'Beast Mode'he might do the dishes in a supercharged manner rather than bash last gaps sixes.

Here's hoping we are back to normal next week.

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