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Yak Had A Whack But It's Victory That We Lack.

Updated: Jun 10

Stoneygate CC V Fleckney CC ( @ The Langtons) Stoneygate won by 22 runs

In sporting terms these two teams could be considered brothers from other Mothers. Close in talent, attitude to the game and sportsmanship. Games are never lopsided in either direction and a good time is had by all. Today was a case in point.

Stoneygate batted first and it was highlight reel stuff from ball one which was a boundary followed by the second ball which led to an Ollie Timms direct hit and a diamond duck for poor old Stoneygate opener Knight.

Now let me reassure you dear reader we genuinely love our opponents but we have to say that whilst they scored quickly early on there was an element of good fortune about it. OK , and to be brutally honest , Morley (as he is universally known) played a knock filled with edges that could be considered to be more streaky than Erica Roe. If you don't know why Erica Roe is famous perhaps don't Google it at work.

Anyway Stoneygate were pegged back by some lovely bowling by the Fleckney Love Doctor (AKA The Skipper) who only missed a hattrick by a coat of paint on an insects dingle dangle, overall figures showing three wickets from 8 overs and conceding only 9 runs proving how well he did. Stoneygate responded mainly thanks to a fluent 84 by Nick Gutteridge and they closed on 218. Fleckney had tried hard but we have to be honest the fielding was sloppy.

In reply Fleckney built steadily but were never really ahead in the chase. Brij got a genuine ‘seed’ to be dismissed early on but the backbone was 53 runs from Mike Dunkley and an unbeaten 84 runs from the Yak.

With the run rate required rising to 9 the path got steeper but Fleckney rallied, just about the time Mandeep and the Vice Captain began tucking into a large bag of Bombay Mix. The more they munched the more the Fleckney Barometer rose. Clearly this was a link that would bare scientific scrutiny and not a coincidence, sadly Mohit fell and even heightened calorific intake wouldn't sway the result.

Another game done and dusted and victory again just out of reach but with Mandeep now picked to bring the snacks next week anything is possible. Maybe dry roasted peanuts would work the magic needed , maybe Twiglets. Just an extra thing to consider at selection.

(So Near But Yet So Far)

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