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WSB v Broomleys

A momentous day in the history of Fleckney Village Cricket Club as our Womens Softball side played their first match. We travelled to Coalville to take on Broomleys in what was a tough but enjoyable battle. The Broomleys side were a lot more experienced, but they couldn’t match the enthusiasm of our team. Bowling first, skipper Jo Hennell had the honour of bowling the first ever ball, which was bowled twice as the umpires never checked that the scorers were reading to start the match..

We had a squad of 14 players for the game, but only had 11 on the pitch at all times, which meant at the end of every pair we had to rotate 3 players off and 3 players on… this tactic fell down at the first hurdle as we started the 2nd pair with 12 players on the pitch – some frantic shouting rectified the situation but not before Katharine Wright took the first wicket in the club history with a run out and then bowled her opponent the next ball – sadly this delivery was chalked off as Captain Hennell was entering the field to escort one player off… a deliberate ploy to ensure Hennell gets the honour for the first bowled wicket?? We may never know…

But Jo did take the first bowled wicket a few overs later. In total we took 7 wickets in the 14 overs, as Broomleys made 247 (teams start on 200).

In reply the young-uns started us off with Bea Hubbard scoring the first runs in partnership with Helena Wright, some very steady bowling really put the squeeze on our side and we were able to get to 219/3 at the end of the game. Ruth Dye showed her class by top scoring with 8* and putting on 13 with Leah Phillips in their 2 overs.

Fleckney – Jo Hennell, Ruth Dye, Sue Westwood, Jasmine Westwood, Katharine Wright, Helena Wright, Bea Hubbard, Jan Nix, Aditi Sachdev, Ginny Sachdev, Louise Brown, Jyoti Solanki, Leah Phillips and Jodie Coleman

A fantastic experience for our new side and we look to go again when we travel to Appleby Magna on the 19th June. If you fancy a go with our Women’s Softball team then contact Jo Hennell on 07736 296863

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