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We never stood a chance

Ah well...


Houghton and Thurnby is a nice ground with a lovely outfield and they have some outstanding players..

We peaked after the first ball - Will Savory removing their opener for a platinum duck.. sadly this bought in other batsmen and the next 15.5 overs were tough - 6 bowlers used, 6 wickets taken - everyone picked up a single stick - the highlight being a Jules Rodger stumping where he fantastically drilled the ball towards the stumps with a right foot curler (or it hit him and re-bounded.. one of the two options...)

We tried, we watched and admired the ball sailing over our heads into the trees - the police turned up at one point but they soon snuck away - perhaps they were looking for some stolen wickets...

148 was the target - a mere 9.25 an over..

We got over halfway - 89/5 in our 16 which considering the differing standards and the fading light isn't too shabby - Terry Compton retiring on 32 and Will Savory getting a nice 28* were the stars.

Batting first would probably have made it a more even contest, but we were playing a game of Cricket so we musn't grumble - plenty of people we know who can't currently.

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