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Rain , rain go away

During the long winter months your mind will wander to happier times and warmer moments. Today will doubtless be ones of those.

Old Eastonians play in the grounds of Rockingham Castle. You can't see the castle from the pitch but you have panoramic views over the adjacent valley which gives a simply breathtaking backdrop to proceedings. A more lovely spot you would struggle to find.

Fleckney bowled first and turned in a display that bordered on competence. The ball was clearly moving through the air but the first two wickets came through Twinkle patent 'Claw' deliveries, the second one perfectly performed that roared back through the left handers gate.

With the home side at 30 for 5 the skipper brought himself on, maybe to bowl our opponents back into the game? Anyway even this didn't work as the score progressed to 55 for 9. Ollie Timms claiming two victims including a searing inswinging Yorker. Some sympathetic bowling changes allowed the home side to make 91 all out.

One home player had informed that the rain normally heads toward the valley but if it came from over the trees behind the pavillion we were in trouble. It soon became apparent not long into the reply we were indeed going to have a problem.

With the score at 61 for 3 spots of rain became heavy and then thundery. The chance of victory snatched away by the elements which was disappointing of course but allowed our skipper the chance to demonstrate his knowledge of musicals at the pub quiz later on. I mean, who knew?

Old Eastonians, thank you for the opportunity to play at your lovely ground. Also thank you for your very kind hospitality.

Fleckney, your time will come.

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