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Potter (and Rodger) magic not enough

On what was becoming a regular showery Saturday afternoon we took to the road to Market Overton.

Fvcc had 3 players (Kev Kisby, Chris "One Pad" Jeffs and James Bide-Thomas) returning from the Leicester Lockdown hoping to make an instant impact to the side but this didn’t work out as planned.

Returning skipper Kisby went out for the toss not knowing what he wanted to do so he was relieved to lose the toss and Fvcc were asked to bat.

It looked like a solid start was on the cards with One Pad hitting a couple of nice boundaries but we soon found ourselves struggling on 21/3 so it was down to the skipper and the hero teacher Mr Jules Rodger to try and rebuild and mainly down to Jules taking the lead they put on a 50 partnership.

Then Kisby who struggled to hit the ball of the square was out the collapse continued 71/3 to 91/6 in no time.

Looking like 140 would be enough newly elected vice captaing Max Potter strolled to the crease and showed wizard like skills to quickly smash his top score of 30 to move the score on and with Jools retiring hurt on a very good 51 with a pulled hamstring Fvcc made a very respectable 188/8.

That was as good as it got though as the oppositions 1st team player came out and smashed more balls out the park than I could ever remember along with a youth who did the same Market Overton easily made there target after 21 overs - Potter showing his all round skills by picking up all 3 wickets.

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