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Nomads Wreake havoc on Duckhunters

Fleckney Duckhunters V Wreake Nomads

How is it possible?

Last week it was a Polar Bears benefit and now we were catching rays. Sort of cricket weather karma if you will.

You see it's not just weather that brings balance, this great old game frequently brings you back to earth with a bump. Super Frankie Smith had just cleaned up Sam Payne and presumably felt on top of the world, seconds later a dog off the lead has releived itself on his jumper left on the boundary edge.

Karma you see.

A Fleckney side down to 10 men following a late withdrawal overcame a further disadvantage of having a wicketkeeper who seemed to be unable to stop anything that came in his direction other than a sausage roll to fight a spirited rearguard in response to the visitors 240.

At 7 for 2 in response it might have been a quick second half but Sid, Sam Hill and the lower order hung in there and the last wicket pair negotiated the final 3 balls to see the Duckhunters safe albeit exactly 100 runs short.

So what did we learn today?

The future of the club is in fine hands, never get too big in your moments of triumph and never EVER leave your jumper where cats fear to tread.

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