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Nevil Holt CC V Fleckney

So, what happens when 11 Flashers head to a stately home on a Summers evening? On the face of it it may sound like a plot outline from a bawdy 1970's British film starting Sid James but on this occasion it was simply another stop on the midweek fun bus tour. To be fair the surroundings were more grand than the fare on show but whoever said the belt has to match the braces , or indeed the MMC coaching manual should match the Fleckney Shot Manual? It wasn't any old match day. The club secretary was celebrating his 45th birthday, and giving his new gloves a breaking in. Sometimes he even caught the ball, but we are deviating from the timeline. The wicketkeeper wasn't alone in approaching 50, Mike Dunkley carried his bat for 49 and promptly demanded a recount. Sad to say this isn't a parliamentary by election and the returning officer isn't going to change his mind. The Flashers ended on 109 for 4. Ben O'Reilly opened up the bowling but not his fashion guide by wearing shorts that showed off legs whiter than any cream trousers on display. Again he bowled well. To be fair all the bowlers bowled well. Delivery of the night came from Jimmy Loomes who bowled an in swinger Yorker that knocked the poles back. Mind you the ball does have longer to swing when it comes down from Jimmy's arm at about 34,000 feet. Happily we can relate that the Flashers hung on for a three run win which should have been the end of it, but it wasn't. You see a younger member of the opposition needed some match footage to go with his GCSE topic so the Fleckney team stayed on the park for a couple of extra deliveries to be captured for posterity. Mike Dunkley, the Hollywood pin up wannabe (perhaps) volunteered to bowl and swiftly nicked the youngsters candyfloss with a caught and bowled. Never stand in for Santa at Christmas , Mike. You will end up with more presents than you give away....

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