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Great Glen Win Again

What present do all the Dad's want for Fathers Day? To play cricket of course. Sadly there wasn't enough in the collective 'Brownie Points' parental account to be given the Premium Victory package but any afternoon on the cricket field is never a waste.

It was tempting to suggest that all in the sky and garden was rosy but that wouldn't actually be the truth. You see one member of the side who shall remain nameless decided it was a good idea to turn up in socks and non matching sliders. Less a fashion statement but perhaps more of a dressing in the dark accident, shabby chique meets Shaggy from Sooby Doo. He might have got away with it too if it wasn't for those pesky teammates.

It was one of those lovely afternoon where players came good. It was a nudge-nurdle-Nigelathon for 12, Seth batter beautifully for another dozen and the sidelines went wild when Ollie hit a boundary second ball on the way to his 11. The bad news was that Matt Mac was run out early and Mandeep fell to the sort of running one handed grab that literally has no place on a Sunday. Chris Weir top scored with 37 as Fleckney closed on 121 off their alloted 35 overs.

Clearly to defend that score would take a stellar effort (as opposed to the usual Stella effort the night before) and whilst the team camaraderie was on display as the players clearly enjoyed each others company the chance of victory was about as likely as a matching pair of sliders being on display as Glen cantered home with wickets and time to spare.

Congrats to young Fergus for his bowling, Seth for his batting and keeping and Ollie for top score in men's cricket. Achievements like that made the whole episode worthwhile. Its just sad though that a bunch of blokes kicking a pigs bladder about in Germany will get the headlines when the true achievers are much closer to home.

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