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Fleckney went into a Forest pub and didn't get thrown out....oh yeah we lost too.

West Bridgford Legion V Fleckney Sunday XI. Fleckney lost by 4 wickets

Last season these two teams met on a lovely day at the same venue. Fleckney batted first, perhaps didn't quite score enough and then made the home team battle hard for their win. Same thing happened here

The captain decided he would bat. By that I don't mean he simply wanted to the team to bat, he decided he would personally bat himself. As in open the innings. There was absolutely no one retreating to a safe space , viewing the action with their fingers over their eyes, and praying to whichever God offers them salvation.

To be fair the skipper hit three boundaries on his way to 14. His final drive was a seemingly meaty aerial blow which unfortunately had less legs than a snakes under carriage. The ball dropped to mid on and the fun was over.

The Fleckney innings was one of cameos rather than crease occupation. Rohan hit some lovely shots of his way to 31, Bobby, Mandeep and Mole all added their contributions but we must make mention of Lucy Bateman who batted the last 8 overs unbeaten, scoring more bruises than runs but refusing to give away her wicket. Well done Lucy, proud of you.

Defending 146 would be tricky but Twinkle thought it could be done. He even stated that we could play 20 overs and then ‘reassess’, a phrase surely not used by a Fleckneyite….ever.

The opening bowling was unlucky, balls missing the outside edge on many occasions. Perhaps it would not be our day regardless of many reassessments that might be considered. Or maybe I should reassess that assessment...or maybe that is getting a little complicated.

When the breakthrough came it was a runout. James Sheath keeping his cool and throwing to the fat keeper who took the bails off. Clearly a run out for the Vice Captain and don't believe Play Cricket if it says otherwise….

Wickets did fall, three to Scooter, one to Bobby and one to Frank. Victory was always an outside possibility but the Fleckney performance (embodied by a fearsome effort from Lennon Devlin who had earlier hit his first senior boundary) kept Legion honest until the final blow was struck. Incredibly the scoreboard would state no byes conceded which would probably be a prospect not even the worst mug punter would have considered.

The good news is that there is a rematch already in the book for September. If that one goes as well as this it will be a fine occasion

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