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Festival of Cricket

Updated: Jun 3

Fleckney Village CC V Arnesby

This is the one weekend where cricket is literally rock and roll. Junior and Senior games alike played to the backdrop of the Fleckney Festival and you can argue its either the cricket or the music that takes top billing but with burgers , beer and biffage to occupy yourself who cares?

A negotiated toss saw Fleckney bat first and make slow progress against some commendably tight bowling, the score being less than 50 at drinks. To be fair it was incredibly rude of our opponents to send out fielders who can catch a Mandeep rocket just when Psycho was engaging second gear. Its just not cricket you know.

However where Psycho fails you need not make a saga out of it. Chris Hill steadied the ship with a patient 48 not out which matched exactly the contribution of E Xtras as Fleckney closed on 139. Probably not enough but as the pained strains coming from the performers in the neighbouring field told us "Saturday nights alright for fighting" , maybe a little Sunday afternoon belligerence could get us there after all.

It did occur to me that I could turn the second half of this report into a song title related punathon but it's been done and I don't want to have that moment when I realise, oops I did it again....

Twinkle took 4 wickets as the unlikely looked possible but that was the last wicket to fall as 40 for 4 became a six wicket victory for our visitors.

That might have been the last comment but something did happen that I couldn't ignore. You see , and on the Roving Reporters word of honour this happened, the skipper was at the end of his short runway to deliver his first over when the unmistakable tones of the Marvin Gaye classic "Let's get it on" began to drift on the breeze. It may have been coincidence, it maybe they took a Charitable donation to big our captain up but please don't let it be the suggestion that Scooter is actually the Fleckney Doctor Of Love. No, that's an image no-one needs....

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