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Duckhunters v Billesdon

The first game of the season was snowed off, last week we froze at Laughton and Mowsley and when it started hailing during the second over it started a flashback about as unpleasant as the memory of the thousands of 'Rick Rolls, mini roving reporter has attempted in recent days.

We should pause a moment here to thank Billesdon for their hospitality, their comparable commitment to youth development and their admirable commitment to playing the game the right way.

Our great game is in safe hands in their picturesque part of Leicestershire.

The Duckhunters batted first and piled up 177 for 3. An innings that began with hail ended up with an unbeaten ton from Mike Dunkley, a solid 20 from Chris Hill and a comedy slow motion 'Mankad' off the last ball. Win or lose it would make a good chase.

As it turned out for 'good chase' read 'nailbiter'. A first over caught behind by the Club Secretary (who seemed to have vague knowledge of it) off Ben O'Reilly set the Duckhunters on their way but a succession of talented younger cricketers interspersed with more senior players kept the home side in touch.

With the game going down the stretch the key moment came when Arjun Sudra tempted the main home threat (who was on 95) with either a canny low full toss or a rank pie , you choose dear reader, which was hit way up the air and Chris Hill clung on. Dot ball and 11 wanted off the final over became 6 for a tie off the last ball which the home side were not quite able to convert.

So victory it was.

Not only for the Duckhunters but the spirit of the game itself.

Go well this season Billesdon, you deserve it.

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