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Barkby V Duckhunters

By a polar bear roving reporter

First a snowstorm and now a squall.

It seems when these two amicable teams meet Bear Grylls should be in attendance.

Sadly not even a world renowned survivalist could have made it to the end of this one without Winter clothing, a Husky and some kind of reference to Finn the Mighty Eskimo.

Barkby won the spin and batted.

With 25 overs bowled they had scored 138, a great start admittedly but one man had knocked 100 of them singlehandedly and already retired. Mr Singh, well batted, Sir.

The home side would add another 121 by the close with the blustery conditions making bowling and catching remarkably difficult.

Well, James Sheath caught one where no man should ever catch one (ed. Remove the pain, keep the swelling comes to mind..) but he took two others as well to mark his seasonal bow.

A nod too to debutant Tom Moulds who took two wickets. From such starts are mighty Duckhunters careers launched.

If it was blowy for Barkby it was rainy and, to be quite direct, Baltic when the reply began. Fleckney slipped to 9 for 2 and frankly never recovered as batters craved the sanctuary of the dressing room rather than the comfort of the scorebook.

With the score at 44 for 8 (sadly that isn't a typo) with 11 overs still to be bowled the vice skipper broached the elephant in the room and hands were shaken before fingers fell off.

You had to really love the game to be there and take part this afternoon but, you know what? We do! Because we are Fleckney and a tiny dose of Pneumonia ain't going to stop us losing again.

Having said all that if someone reading this wants to sponsor us for a tour to the Carribbean we wouldn't say no!

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