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Andy Standley Cup 2020

By the Raffle Ticket buying reporter

Granddad, Granddad. Tell me that one again, you know the one about when you played in the Andrew Standley cup match in 2020.

The old man sighed and pulled the little boy onto his knee and took a soft journey down memory lane.

"It was a cool afternoon in the beginning, this was in the days before global warming took over and we had to wear these funny naff looking things called jumpers to keep our body temperature up.

Anyway Scott Roberts, you know, that man who just won Beardy Man of the Year for the 20th year running put his team into bat, Kev Kisby put his team in the field and a veteran called Frank went out to umpire.


The same Frank who is 128 years old and took 6 wickets at the weekend with his left arm grenades?

Oh yes, that's the one

Anyway Scott did the right thing and mixed up his team to give everyone a go but this meant the scoring was a little slower than a competitive match would dictate.

Nigel and Michael Dunkley. did give a good base though

You mean the infamous ball counting Dunkley?

That's him!

Anyway 119 was not likely to be enough but in reply, and after a beer and burger from McChobbys, Kev Kisby found himself and Max in the hutch (or outside the container) quickly but that was not enough to stop a comfortable win.

Mind you, two young un's called George and Lachlan did rather well even in defeat and Jimmy 'The Giant' Loomes pulled off a stunning caught and bowled to dismiss his brother.

What was it all for Granddad?

Well, it was all for charity. I think, from memory, it raised over £400.

What is a Pound Granddad?

It was what we had to spend before Prime Minister Katie Price brought in the Kardashian!


Did you ever do it again?

Oh yes, there is always a needy cause to be helped, departed friends to be remembered and fun to be had.

Will I still be taking wickets when I am 128 years old?

Possibly young man but you will have to fight for your place with Frank who might be approaching his prime then!

In memory of Ian Wallace, Andrew and John Standley and many other friends lost to us over the years.

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