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And Breathe

Sir Alex Ferguson once said, on a famous night in Munich, Football, Bloody Hell.

I will say something similar but for Cricket.

This one was tight.

Fleckney won the toss and Jas Westwood and Jodie Coleman went out first, some excellent bowling put Fleckney on the back foot but we did see a smashing boundary for Jodie off the last ball she faced. Fleckney respected the good ball, tried to punish the bad ball and everyone contributed – the top score was 9, with three people getting there – Jo Hennell, Lucy Bateman and Ruth Dye, and both Anna Roberts and Jodie getting 8. Contributions right throughout and some perfect running – Anna and Lucy turning an easy one into a good two, simply by Anna making an early call and putting the fielder under pressure. Sue Westwood looking for a quick single off an overthrow. These things matter in close games.

With the ball in hand, the message was to keep it tight – or it should have been, in fact, the coach was too busy trying to keep warm to give any real direction, but fear not, this group knows what to do. Kinaari Shah opened things up and was desperately unlucky not to pick up at least 2 wickets – some lovely deliveries that beat the outside of the bat. Every time skipper Bateman tossed the ball to someone, they did what was required, without luck or reward. Geddington crept ahead with 4 overs left.

The last pair, including the on-loan Jan Nix, who looked superb in purple, came in and we needed to bowl well. Thankfully, we did.

Kinaari, Jo, and Ruth between them bowled 4 superb overs which only went for 6 runs – no extras and most importantly 2 wickets – both bowled. Ruth and Jo with the sticks.

Finally. Fleckney had a topflight victory, by the paper-thin distance of 4 runs – remember that extra run from Anna, and Sue, that boundary by Jodie – the little things make a massive difference. Technically we got 2 wins today as Loddington and Mawsley were unable to bring a side over.

So many positives today. Under huge pressure, the fielding was brilliant, especially at the end. Special mention to Jodie for keeping wicket and not letting anything past her – coupled with every ball she faced, being scored from, it was someday for the No.1 cricketer in that household.

Finally, a massive thanks to Geddington for making the long trip over – quite possibly, the friendliest bunch we’ve ever faced. I hope we can meet again very soon.

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