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1s v Lutterworth 3s

Leicester have made it to the FA Cup final, and as such I agreed with Steve, the Lutterworth 3’s skip that we would start at so everyone could watch the game straight after (thanks Steve if you read this).

So, I’m at the ground at 9.30 to meet Chobby and decide if we should get the game on or not, weathers looking pretty dicey and its raining lightly as I wander around, rain is forecast all day.

Chob’s has, as ever, done a sterling job with the square and re cut the outfield for us too 😊 Tezzle moved the covers onto the pitch Weds ready for the game (thanks Tez and helpers) and as the minutes tick by towards start time me and Chobby decide we might as well try and play.

So to the toss, Steve calls tails, down comes heads, we are bowling 😊 Me and Steve agreed to reduce the game to 30 overs per side as we anticipated some time lost to rain and its easier than losing overs and re calculating scores etc.

It gives me real pride to say we had a really good day in the field and bounced back well from the Uppingham game, only one dropped catch (by one who will remain nameless) and fantastic energy all round by all the lads.

It was a bowlers deck and we made good use of it, me and mark opened and bowled our allowed 8 straight through. I got 1/25 and Adam took a catch off my bowling, 3 out of 3 for Adam so far this season! Mark took 2/22 including another bowled off his Jofra slower ball (2 times he’s used it, 2 wickets from those 2 deliveries, use it more mate!). This also meant that Mark now has 100 FVCC wickets.

Then Jimmy and Bobby took over and worked their way through what was a quite long Lutterworth tail. Jimmy taking 1/14 and Bobby taking 4/24 with some mercurial stuff, sprinting in, hair everywhere, firing in his Yorkers, great stuff 😊

Lutterworth finished on 88 all out off 26.2

Adam and Sam opened together again and although we were missing a couple this week we had our settled top four so I was confident we could chase it relatively easily as long as we didn’t lose early wickets.

Sam and Adam agreed so I was quite surprised to see, when standing at square leg umpiring for the first delivery, Adam have an almighty swish at the first ball and Chinese cutting it past leg stump…. Ok, calm down mate I am mentally projecting towards him, whether it was that or his own sense of survival I don’t know but he got his head down then and gave the pitch some respect. Fast forward a few overs and we were cruising, having reached 50 for no loss off 7 overs the game looked won and Lutterworth jigged their bowlers around a lot to try and get that first wicket, no dice though and we finished them off in the 12th over reaching 89 for no loss.

Shot of the match has to be Adams “periscope up” shot for 4 to a no ball well over his head from one of the change bowlers, proper IPL stuff! Sam calmly reached 32 not out and with Adam 47 no out we won the game convincingly.

The game was played in great spirit between the 2 teams and although we had to come off a couple of times, both teams played through the drizzle when we could with no complaints. Man of the Match was Bobby, didn’t get to bat but bowled really well on a pitch that suited his seamers to get his 4/24, well played Bobby!!!

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