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Who will be the 2020 MVP??

Ever wondered who is Fleckney's answer to Ben Stokes? Nope, us neither... But we do want to add some competition between our players so we have come up with this competition.
The award has been kindly sponsored by MNH Cricket Umpires - The number one online store for all Cricket Umpire equipment - hence the award will be known as The MNH Cricket MVP Award 2020
Prize is to be supplied by MNH Cricket Umpires and will be confirmed at a later date.


  • All Scorebooks are loaded onto the Fleckney Play Cricket site and this is the master source of the data

  • Players will need to have played a minimum of 5 matches to qualify


  • 1 point per run score

  • 5 points per wicket taken

  • 3 points per catch, run out or stumping

The total number of points are then divided by the number of games played

Points gained by U18s count TRIPLE

MNH Cricket MVP 2020 Top 3
(as of 28th September)

1. Sam Payne

39.63 MVP Points

298 batting points

10 bowling points

9 fielding points

Andy Holmes bowling.jpg

2. Andy Holmes

37.60 MVP Points

368 batting points

5 bowling points

3 fielding points

Michael Dunkley.jpeg

3. Michael Dunkley

32.58 MVP Points

348 batting points

25 bowling points

18 fielding points

MNH v2.jpg
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