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Sudra Shines

You have to admit that everything about Kibworth has that extra touch of class. The surroundings, the facilities, their attitude to the game, heck they even apply the coup de grace with a certain gentlemanly air even if the players they use are (in some cases) 3 foot 6 and better than you will ever be at just 12 years of age.

Batting first seemed the way to go but Fleckney swiftly got bogged down against some pint sized metronomic accuracy. Furbs and Andy Holmes failed to solve the puzzle and at drinks Fleckney were looking at a score smaller than a limbless centipede. Sensing the problem the libations were given an added pep by the skipper demanding more urgency. He got it!

The journey to respectability came in the form of Arjun who scored his first ever 50 proving that good guys and dubious hairstyles can still be winners, come to think of it his main partner in the revival was Dunks who could safely be described in the same way. Sadly momentum was lost and the score of 170 that was being mooted was not reached as Fleckney closed at 155. It was a score that was to prove nowhere near enough.

The home side mixed experience with juniors and the senior guys got the job done,

Kibworth stalwart Graeme Jenkins intermixing quality shots and banter with his former teammate behind the stumps before some bloke called Seth (you might have heard of him) came in and peppered the cow corner boundary until the required run rate descended well below the radar.

In truth Fleckney had been schooled by some players still in school but you get the feeling our boys won’t be the last team they bring to heel, at this level and higher up. This was however the friendliest of Sunday friendlies which was probably a good thing with the Chief Constable within earshot.


Collar Felt Furbs, Holed up Holmes, Allo Allo Arjun, Down For A Stretch Dunkley, Anything To Take Into Consideration Archie, You’ll Never Take Me Alive Yakesh, Probation Potter, Jailbreak Jennings, Solitary Smith, Cell Block Claw Loomes, Rogue Roberts, Crime King Knightly

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