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Jimmy Loomes hits it long

Traditional FVCC v Lubenham matches usually involve Fleckney getting destroyed long before the opening overs have been bowled, but tonight we took them to the penultimate over.

Our 11 was enhanced by the return of Leon "Lilly" Allen and Russell Blake, who chosing to play his 1 game a year in 30 degree heat was a bold step - even more considering how ginger the lad is..

FVCC batted first and Jimmy Loomes proved he can hit a ball a looong way with an 50 that included 8 fours - our score was 78/2 when he retired in the 11th over but we could only muster 107/5 in our 16 - noticeable nods for Yakesh Sachdev with 15 and Will Savory 14* - including our only 6 of the innings.

Optimistic skipper Chris Walsh wanted 150 so it felt a few too few and at 48/1 off 6 overs in response it looked like it would be home before the postcards but no-one expected the Lubenham wobble - wickets for Scott Roberts *2 and Russ Blake got them reeling at 58/4 but 2 capable batsmen in the Lubenham team steadied the ship and got them to 105/4 with 2 overs left. Will Savory picked up a wicket in an impressive 15th over but they managed to get over the line.

We put pressure on them but the odd costly over hear and there were the difference.

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